Thursday, 19 May 2016

Week 2 #90daychallengeCL

Good afternoon everyone,

So it’s been two weeks since I posted an update regarding this but this is due to me being so highly busy with my new puppy, Molly – if you haven’t met Molly yet, you can read all about her here, or see her little face on my Instagram.

It makes more sense to do this 90 day challenge as weekly updates as daily posts I feel will be a bit too hard and more than likely repetitive and I don’t want them to be boring for you to read. So Thursdays/Fridays will be the day for you all to keep your eyes peeled for an update!

So the question you’re all probably dying to know the answer for is how has it been going? Being completely honest, it has been SO HARD!!! I’m slowly managing my food intake and then next week will start work outs alongside my diet. I felt this was the best way to do it so I’m not rushing into it and I can do it slowly and start the weight loss journey properly rather than rushing into it all.

I’ve started using an app again after many years of struggle to keep it going, called My Fitness Pal. My Fitness Pal is an app where you can log your food intake and set your own calorie goal for the day which is calculated by your height and weight! You can log your exercise and then it will tell you roughly how many calories you’ve burnt which will give you a ‘net’ score for the day. It’s a good little app where you can also add friends and have a little chat on the home page and discussion boards. I’d 100% totally recommend this app and it’s free – there is an option for you to upgrade to ‘Premium’ but the free version works just as well. If you have this app or wish to download it you can follow and find me on there under the username ‘JodieMTaylor’.
An example of My Fitness Pal

I’ve started buying magazines such as Woman’s Health and Woman’s Fitness. They offer a lot of motivation, low calorie recipes, stories and even workouts for you to try at home! I’d recommend them if you need a further push to give yourself the motivation you need, or even just a simple read – it’s amazing what information they can tell you. I mean, who knew that you can lose weight and still eat chocolate and drink red wine?! Amazing!

Another app and website for motivation is Pinterest! Pinterest is a website full of anything and everything you could ever find in a photo form; whether its motivational quotes or DIY cup holders – just type it in the search bar and off you go. If any of you are on Pinterest you can follow me here and see all of my different boards.
I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to weigh myself and post whether I’ve lost or gained – then at the end of the 90 days I’m going to give you some before and after photos as well as the before and after of my actual weight!
Also before I sign off here I want to make you aware that sometime in the near future my blog will be going under a complete makeover. So if you next come on here and it looks completely different – do not stress it was meant to happen!
Until next time,
All the love,
C xo

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Puppy Update | Molly

Hey everyone!
So if you remember my posts last month regarding ‘Four Legged Friends’ and 'Four Legged Friends #2' then you will know that I was recently getting a puppy. Since then puppy has now arrived and is at home with us settling in lovely.
Her name was original meant to be ‘Mya’ but my mum decided to change it last minute before she arrived to ‘Molly’. So Molly is now nine weeks old and is changing more and more every day!
Molly is putting on weight nice and steadily as unfortunately she had been bullied by her siblings when she arrived and was a little on the skinny side – nothing some puppy formula and biscuits can’t change…
She is sleeping in her crate well and there are no more cries at night time and if I’m completely honest and definitely not bias she is the loveliest natured dog! Don’t get me wrong, she’s still biting, weeing on the carpet and biting furniture and shoes which she’s not meant to, but it’s a learning curve. As she gets older she will learn and hopefully my slippers will still be intact!
She’s had her first set of jabs and has her second set after the bank holiday, which means after those I am able to take her out at long last and hopefully long walks will wear her out.
So now for the photo!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Let me know in the comments below what breeds of dog you have; or if you don’t have a dog let me know your household pets below!

All the love,

C xo


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Day 1 #90daychallengeCL

 Hey everyone,
I don’t know if it’s just me or this time of year but I’ve had enough and decided I need to stop eating everything in front  of me and start a 90 day challenge! I vaguely remember when I was a teenager I read that doing something for around 90 days straight will change your mind set and become a regular thing to your body – don’t hold me to this it’s just always been in my mind!
So I came to the conclusion – 90 days I’m logging what I eat, what exercise I do and at the end of it see if I look, or feel any better! So this is it! Join me on my journey with the hashtag #90daychallengeCL and I want to see what you want to change.
So here we are; Day 1!
I’ll be honest, I’m craving so much food already – having put on a fair bit of weight didn’t really do much justice for me as now barely any of my clothes fit and I look around three months pregnant.
Breakfast was simple, a breakfast bar. Lunch has been two oranges and a packet of crisps; and dinner was sausages, potatoes and salad. I'll be honest I'm craving a big juicy steak, or a double cheese and bacon burger from Five Guys!

So overall, it's been hard this first day. I walked home from the train station for a bit of exercise and that was it.

It's going to be hard getting back into a routine of where I used to exercise every other day and be really healthy but here we go!

Let me know in the comments if you're going to be joining in - I want to know what you want to change!

Until tomorrow,

All the love,
C xo