Day 1 #90daychallengeCL

 Hey everyone,
I don’t know if it’s just me or this time of year but I’ve had enough and decided I need to stop eating everything in front  of me and start a 90 day challenge! I vaguely remember when I was a teenager I read that doing something for around 90 days straight will change your mind set and become a regular thing to your body – don’t hold me to this it’s just always been in my mind!
So I came to the conclusion – 90 days I’m logging what I eat, what exercise I do and at the end of it see if I look, or feel any better! So this is it! Join me on my journey with the hashtag #90daychallengeCL and I want to see what you want to change.
So here we are; Day 1!
I’ll be honest, I’m craving so much food already – having put on a fair bit of weight didn’t really do much justice for me as now barely any of my clothes fit and I look around three months pregnant.
Breakfast was simple, a breakfast bar. Lunch has been two oranges and a packet of crisps; and dinner was sausages, potatoes and salad. I'll be honest I'm craving a big juicy steak, or a double cheese and bacon burger from Five Guys!

So overall, it's been hard this first day. I walked home from the train station for a bit of exercise and that was it.

It's going to be hard getting back into a routine of where I used to exercise every other day and be really healthy but here we go!

Let me know in the comments if you're going to be joining in - I want to know what you want to change!

Until tomorrow,

All the love,
C xo


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