Puppy Update | Molly

Hey everyone!
So if you remember my posts last month regarding ‘Four Legged Friends’ and 'Four Legged Friends #2' then you will know that I was recently getting a puppy. Since then puppy has now arrived and is at home with us settling in lovely.
Her name was original meant to be ‘Mya’ but my mum decided to change it last minute before she arrived to ‘Molly’. So Molly is now nine weeks old and is changing more and more every day!
Molly is putting on weight nice and steadily as unfortunately she had been bullied by her siblings when she arrived and was a little on the skinny side – nothing some puppy formula and biscuits can’t change…
She is sleeping in her crate well and there are no more cries at night time and if I’m completely honest and definitely not bias she is the loveliest natured dog! Don’t get me wrong, she’s still biting, weeing on the carpet and biting furniture and shoes which she’s not meant to, but it’s a learning curve. As she gets older she will learn and hopefully my slippers will still be intact!
She’s had her first set of jabs and has her second set after the bank holiday, which means after those I am able to take her out at long last and hopefully long walks will wear her out.
So now for the photo!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Let me know in the comments below what breeds of dog you have; or if you don’t have a dog let me know your household pets below!

All the love,

C xo


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