Four Legged Friends #2

Hi everyone,

So last week you would have seen I mentioned that I’m getting two puppies – you can read all about that here. Due to unforeseen circumstances we’re now only getting one; I’m pretty gutted but grateful that we’re still getting one dog!

Me and my mum spent an evening coming up with a name for her and we’ve decided on Mya - pronounced Maya but my mum wanted it spelt differently.

Mya will be coming home in a few weeks and until then we will receive weekly updates that I want to share with you all as well! Puppy segments are also going to be a weekly feature so keep your eyes peeled for Monday posts!

So, here’s the update we received:

Hello just an update on your puppy she's doing fine and now on dry food; she's weaned off of her mother now and is doing very well, she’s also drinking milk from a bowl. She was dewormed again this week she is now 4 weeks and 3 days.

Now the best bit – look at that little face and those little white toes!!!

I love the fact this breeder is giving us updates and asking any questions we may have in relation to our new addition, I cannot wait to have her home!

The puppy buying has also started; puppy pads, toys, bowls, blankets, collars, harness’ – you name it, it’s on the list to be bought. I’m also considering a puppy haul post/video if any of you would be interested?

Let me know below!

All the love

C xo

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