Resolutions 2014

It seems that everyone lately has been talking about their new year resolutions and what they plan to do in 2014; so I thought I'd give it a go and share my resolutions with you all!


First off, I want to travel! I'm currently planning a week away for the summer but I'm lost with where to go on such a budget, (£700 it sounds a lot, but it will get me as far as Spain right now!) I've been to Greece, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus and Denmark in the past, but I would love to venture out and go somewhere that I've never been before and that is a bit out of the ordinary!

Get a job!
Now, you probably know what I'm getting onto here just by the title, but having no income is a downer and there's only so much time until your birthday and christmas money run out; so getting a job is definitely on the cards for me. I've worked in coffee shops and pubs before on the weekends but I finish college in 6 months and as I'm not going to university so I need to look for a full-time job - YAWN!

Enjoy Myself!
2013 was a stressful, stressful year for both me and my family and I do not want 2014 to be the same. So I'm taking the majority of this year to look after myself, whether that means a cheeky spa break here and there, or a relaxing weekend at home filled with wine and chocolate. Well, whatever it is I'm going to look after myself and not let things get the better of me anymore!

Well there you go, my 3 small resolutions for 2014! I know this was a little small for a weekly blog post, but I will try and upload throughout the week if I can.

What are your resolutions for 2014? Let me know in the comments below!

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