The Ultimate Christmas Wish List 2015

Hey everyone, 

Since I’ve been working full time now coming up to two years and being able to have my own money it makes it a bit difficult to create a list of the things I want; so below is my ultimate wish list – please note they are a bit pricey hence why it’s the ‘ultimate’ wish list.

Bayswater in Oxblood
I’ve always been a massive fan of the Classic Mulberry Bags and this one just settles my heart for me. I adore red toned fabrics and this bag just does it for me. It’s a Classis Mulberry in ‘Oxblood Natural Leather’. For a Mulberry as well it’s not too pricey either. Fair enough it stands at £895 – but it’s definitely not the money I have at the moment; so if I were to wake up to this underneath the tree I’d be extremely thrilled.

 Very Stagram Shiny Calf

Next is a pair of shoes that every girl should have in their wardrobe. Christian Louboutin. These are called the Very Stagram Shiny Calf and I think they’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m not one for wearing glamourous heels like these; but I know if I had a pair I’d definitely get my wear out of them. Yet again, they’re £625 which is a heck of a lot for a pair of shoes but hey ho one day!

Return to Tiffany Double Heart Pendant 

Lastly is the gorgeous Double Heart Pendant from the Return to Tiffany collection. Rose gold, elegant and absolutely beautiful, need I say anymore?! This necklace is £595 but it’s available in gold and sterling silver as well, maybe I’ll opt for the cheaper one first.

So there’s three gifts which sit on my ultimate Christmas list this year, let me know in the comments what would be the best gift for you to receive this year!

Until next time,

C xo
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