The Dreaded Driving Theory Test

Hey everyone,

So when you turn 17 in the UK you’re eligible to begin to learn to drive. To drive in the UK you have to pass two tests; your theory and then your practical. You’re only able to pass your practical once you’ve passed your theory, so most people begin to revise when they’re coming up to their 17th birthday in order to pass first time – for me this has not been the case.

I’ve been around cars my whole life and I can drive very well – I just haven’t been able to pass my theory; the test is now seeming to be becoming the bane of my life! Today, I failed it for the third time and I’ve decided to set myself some pointers which may also help anyone else struggling to pass as well!

1.     REVISION. REVISION. REVISION. Obviously this seems like the most obvious one, but I feel that many people including myself, have tried to bluff it and been like ‘heck, I don’t need to revise I’m going to pass.’ Then you fail. You need to remember that there are over 1000 different questions that could be selected for your 50 in the test. I’m now setting myself half an hour a day on practise questions because otherwise I’ve got no chance!

2.     Hazard Perception. This is the annoying part where you can’t click too much and have to make sure you click for a ‘developing hazard’, and not a ‘potential hazard’. In my test today which I failed this bit screwed me over big time. I recommend downloading apps which have practise Hazard Perception tests and also having a look on the DVLA website – they have practise theory tests too.

3.     Time. Time is everything when it comes to tests like these. Fortunately, I think if it’s you give the DVLA 3 working days notice you are able to change the date of your test if you do not feel ready. Not everyone will feel ‘ready’ as such for it, but if you’re anxious or nervous you can always put it back.

So there’s a few tips to helping with learning your theory which I’m going to be using. Let me know in the comments below how long it took you to pass your theory, or if youre struggling and in the same boat I am aha.

C xo
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