A Special Little Thank you!

When I created this blog back in April 2013 I never thought I would be where I am now. Throughout a lot of struggles and difficult times I persevered with this little treasure of mine to create the content that I want to do. I’m aware I haven’t always been consistent but it’s nice to know that my blog is always here for when I feel I want to write in a way that I can.

When I logged on two days ago to see my ‘Page Views All Time History’ at 10,000 my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. To know that worldwide over 10,000 people have made the click onto my blog just to ready something that I put up when I felt like doing so is just amazing. I’m not one who usually is bothered about numbers and views but I felt like I just passed a milestone!

So this is a little thank you to everyone who has viewed my little baby blog, and here’s to the next three years – the collaborations, the content and most of all, the future!

It’s Father’s Day today so I’m going to enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts and spend the day with my dad.

Let me know what you’re all up to in the comments!

All the love,

C xo

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