Garnier Skin Naturals Eye Roll-On

Garnier Skin Naturals - Caffeine Eye Roll On
Hello there everyone! Wow, it’s been a while right? My summer this year has been a crazy one, and it’s nearing 2am but I have a little review for you all; which I hope you enjoy!

So, during my hectic summer and the bipolar British weather we've been having, I haven’t been getting enough sleep as I should be, (4 hours just isn't enough!) so with the current stress and all things crazy in my life right now, it’s left my face looking a bit under the weather unfortunately. I finally thought, enough is enough I need to sort this out so I popped down to Superdrug after work and picked up this little gem which has been an absolute god send!

This product is by Garnier, and is called the Garnier Skin Naturals - Caffeine Eye Roll On; for bags and dark circles underneath your eyes. Now, as most of you will know, not getting enough sleep leaves you with eyes that look like you've been in a bit of a punch up! I’ll be honest, I was a bit indecisive about buying this product at first as I've heard from other bloggers and friends that after a few weeks of use it can change the pigment of your skin underneath your eyes, and it won’t match your natural skin colour, so this did worry me; but you never know unless you try and boy I am so glad I did!

I apply the roll on twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening after my normal skincare routine and it fits in perfectly! It took me around a week and a bit (roughly) to begin to see a change, and after two weeks my eyes looked less tired and my dark circles were easing off and were beginning to be less noticeable; also I had no trouble with the pigmentation of the skin changing either!  I use this product on a daily basis now just because I’d be lost without it! I don’t tend to use concealer much, but working this product with concealer during the day works really well!

This little gem was only £5.99 from my local drug store (Superdrug) and I'm really happy with it! I shall definitely be buying this again once my little tube has run out.
If anyone of you out there are having the trouble of dark circles and bags then this product is most definitely for you!

Have you ever used this product or any similar ones? I’d love to know, so leave me a comment below J

Ches xo
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