Wreck This Journal!

After pestering my mother for a while now to put this into her WHSmiths shopping basket she finally caved in and brought me Wreck This Journal by Kerri Smith.
I'm not sure if you've all heard about WTJ so I'll give you a little insight. It's basically a book that tells you to do something different on everything single page and there are no limitations, it's your journal you wreck it how you like; and I must say it is a fantastic stress reliever! 
Even though I've had this book for a good few weeks now, I have been so busy with college work that it fell into the box of things to do another time, but as I'm ill today I was having a clear out and i stumbled across my journal, so I thought what better way to destroy this journal than to share it with everyone on my blog too!
So the main reason for today's post is that I am here to welcome you on my Wreck This Journal journey ! I'll be posting posts once a week of what I've done, and maybe I'll even start my YouTube channel so you can see little videos of me wrecking this journal!
Wreck This Journal retails at £8.99 at most book stores, but online shops such as Amazon and Ebay you can find them for cheaper than £8.99
I hope you are all well, leave a comment if you have a WTJ and/or any tips for me :)!

Ches xo

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