What's On My Desk!

It's finally summer time which means there's no school or college and you can just relax knowing that you don't have to endure any boring lessons or teachers whining on! It also means I will be able to update a lot more!
To me, one of the major points about being organised is keeping your desk up to date and tidy so you know what's what and where everything is. So that is why today's' post is about what's on my desk! I must say I did have to have a cheeky little tidy up before hand as it was a bit messy, but none the less here's my desk!
This is my not so tidy desk (I tried to clean it!) The desk itself is very old and if I'm honest I cannot remember where it's from so I apologise, but I've definitely had my share of time with it as it is currently ready for to fall apart at any moment, but we'll skip past that bit and hope that it stays up! My desk is just a simple sandy coloured desk which has 3 draws and 3 shelves and enough room on it (just about!) for all of my stuff.

I don't think there's been a day since I was 15 that my phone hasn't been glued next to me 24/7, so I always have my phone next to me on my desk. My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S2 in white and it's a pretty nifty phone if I do say so myself, it works and has internet; all I ever need!

As many of you know I love One Direction, so in case my iTunes plays up and doesn't work I always have my favourite 3 CD's on standby to throw into my DVD Player to listen too! If you don't have these albums I recommend you to go and buy them on Amazon here!

Next up is a cute little magazine/book rack which I picked up from Tesco last September ready for the beginning of my A-Levels. It has a beautiful design of typical British things (Queen's crown, Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral etc) and I think that's what drew me into to wanting to buy it. It sits tucked away on my desk full of prospectus's I probably won't need (I'm stuck thinking whether or not to go to university ). It is really handy to have and it was also quite cheap too being under £5; which I think is a bargain!

Next up are 3 boxes which are full of my Jewellery making bits! In my spare time or when I'm having a down day I like to sit, chill out and make small bits of jewellery as I find it really therapeutic! Everything you can see here in this photo - down to the money rubber, was all from The Range. Now, I know the UK and Ireland have the shop called The Range, but I'm not sure about other countries, but you can pick up similar items like these at your local craft or stationary store.

Here you can see a few of my notebooks. Now, I have an obsession with notebooks so if any of you know of any cute shops that sell notebooks please let me know in the comments! These specific notebooks are from all different shops, some are from Paperchase, some are from The Range and I think the striped one was a gift. Notebooks are always good to have on your desk to jot things down or even just to doodle in!

As you can see this is my iPad 2. I got this for Christmas back in 2011 and it's been my best friend ever since! I apologise for how dirty the screen is and the reflection of my wallpaper in the screen, but anyway carrying on! This little beauty has been with me everywhere, to London, Somerset, Bristol, Ireland, and many more places! I think iPads are great so big up Apple here, well done for creating a product that I can't live without! 

And finally here is my very ancient and old laptop that somehow still works after 7 years! This laptop is an Advent and if I'm honest it does it's job perfectly. Every desk needs a computer and if you're a busy bee like me you're going to understand! I am looking into upgrading to a Macbook hopefully sometime after my birthday in October, but for now my laptop works and that's all that counts.

So there you have it everyone, that was my post on What's On My Desk! If you want to know more about anything that mentioned do not hesitate to ask in the comments or send me an email at cheshirelaneblogger@gmail.com !

Thanks for reading everyone! Do you have any key products or stationary that you like to keep on your desk? Let me know in the comments below!

Ches xo
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