Rimmel London, Salon Pro with Lycra

First of all an apology is in order as I have not blogged in something silly like over a month, and I am really sorry everyone! To top it all off too my camera is still broken so I'm having to use online images so I also apologise for that matter!

Now, back to what this post is all about the Rimmel London Salon Pro with Lycra in 500, Peppermint. I was at the post office the other afternoon and I couldn't help but have a nosey in Superdrug to see if I could find a pretty little nail varnish to treat myself too! As a lot of you know I would have headed straight the the Barry M stand and I would have been sorted, but that didn't happen the other day and i thought it's time to suck it up and try a different brand (which was very hard for me, seeing as I love Barry M). The Rimmel Stand didn't have many colours left but luckily for me minty blues and greens are pretty much some of my favourite colours, so I couldn't resist and bought it!

What drew me to buying this product was the fantastic brush it comes with, it's not a bog standard straight thin brush which are difficult to use, it has more of a plump, thicker and rounded at the tip brush and it works a dream! The brush covered my thumb nail in a lovely coat just after two swatches due to the thickness of the brush, and I can definitely tell that this is a brand that I will be using in the future as the final outcome was brilliant and left me with a lovely shiny coat on my nails.

The price of this polish was absolutely brilliant at £2.99 from my local Superdrug store and I was really pleased with that price as it was most definitely affordable!

Now, this is a little taste of what the collection looks like and the 500 Peppermint is on the far left, but it looks a bit green in this image, but it is a lot more blue in stores than green.

Thank you for reading everyone and apologies again for not being on and the internet images etc!

What's your favourite colour from the collection?

Love Ches xo
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