Hawaiian Tropic

So this time last year it was absolutely beautiful weather so whilst packing for my two-day trip to Somerset I was looking around for some sun creams with a low SPF. After going on many websites nothing caught my eye until I came upon Hawaiian Tropic.

I bought my sun cream in SPF 15, as I don’t really burn in the sun unless it’s a heat wave somewhere abroad so I ordered Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration. Now, if you go on their website this year they only have it in a mist spray whereas I brought the actual cream, it was in a small travel size bottle and was only around £5 so not expensive at all!

The cream itself is lovely and creamy but not too thick to the point where you have it literally rub it in countlessly. It applies smoothly and easily and does its job brilliantly! (I didn't burn!)

I’d definitely recommend Hawaiian Tropic to anyone! They have creams, mists and lip balms in any SPF that you could imagine! Overall their products are fantastic and most definitely in anyone’s price range!

So, will you be buying Hawaiian Tropic this summer? Leave your thoughts below.

Ches xo

*Sorry I have no image of this cream at the moment, this is due to my camera breaking and I’m waiting to have it repaired. Apologies
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