November Already!!!

As we reach the middle of November and begin the transformation from autumn to winter it’s no doubt that the weather is beginning to change dramatically here in the UK. Gone are the long summer days with bonfires down the beach and here come the evenings of being wrapped up in a blanket in front of the open fire in the lounge, drinking hot chocolate whilst watching The X Factor.


I guess things are different now, my long nights of staying in cuddling up with my now ex-boyfriend are over and I’m more interested in building cars again which I admit is something I have missed. Cars, bikes, quad bikes were my life as I was growing up and I’ll be honest I missed it so much. To be back under a car, changing oil filters, sorting out coilovers and changing tyres with the trusty nut gun. It’s another side of me that no one knew about, but it’s a side of me I’m so happy to have seen again.


Times have been nice lately, but I must admit I am not happy with the weather right now – I am a summer girl and sitting in the cold in the winter is not my forte!!! Although, it does mean Christmas is on its way soon which is something I know all of us bloggers enjoy!


Again, as I write all my blog posts I’m still sat at work in the same old job slowly going insane but fingers crossed something comes up in the New Year!


Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to and how you all are!


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