Hey everyone,

Am in the mood for a bit of a ramble today so apologies if this goes on for quite a while!

As you all know in my previous posts I've been struggling at work and if I'm honest I did not realise how difficult it was to get a job nowadays. After applying for what seems like forever having not recieved one response has done my head in. At my current job things are getting worse and even HR aren't bothering to respond to my emails but the last thing I want to do is become fully unemployed and be struggling to maintain any money for myself.

I'll give myself credit where it's due though as at work I've been able to keep my cool whereas before I would have just flipped out so I'll give myself that one aha! I'm just struggling with the mindset and capability of some people nowadays it's really not been easy but hey ho I'm still here and employed at the one place I'd not rather be; life goes on!

I've gotten back into my cars though again and am going to pick up my first little motor tomorrow which I am so chuffed about. She's a little MX5 MK1 English Spec and to know i've earnt this money and to be able to spend it on something I want feels great. She needs a bit of TLC regarding rust issues but she's nearly 20 years old so it's expected. Maybe that's a job I can go in to? Buying cars, doing then up and selling them on? I reckon I'd enjoy it a lot more than what I'm doing now aha!

I've got a cheeky event to look forward to as well, I'm off to Essex Arena on Saturday for King of The Ring - The Final Chapter which is a drift competition. This is where my love for cars comes in, my friend Josh and his brother are competing and I'm a passenger exciting times!  And my friend Dave is travelling down from Eastbourne for the event to be on the stand in his MK1 MX5 which is also great! Must admit I do love the car community so much respect for everyone!

Anyway I think I've gone off on a tagent, oops!

What are you all up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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