Lifestyle Transformation | Cheshire Lane #3

Welcome back to another Lifestyle Transformation post which I’ve decided I’m going to update weekly as it seems more fluent that way!

The past week has pretty much been on scheduling and listing everything; sounds pretty petty but I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone needs a list to work from. I bought a FiloFax from Paperchase a while ago and actually hadn’t taken it out of the box to use until the other day; and it’s been the best thing I’ve done in a while as its makes organisation so much easier.

I’m sure most people nowadays have a diary and my poor diary has been obliterated with dates and meetings for my day to day job but I never had anything for blogging. Now I have this FiloFax I’m scheduling posts and adding all sorts of notes and things and it’s great. Gives me a sense of relief knowing everything is a bit more organised just how my life should be!

Health eating wise – it’s all been going good, few naughty treats here and there but I’m exercising regularly too so I’m feeling pretty good about myself lately; and I love it.


Just a little short update from me today really although expect more than one post a week as my scheduling is paying off!


If you’re on this lifestyle transformation as well let me know how it’s going for you in the comments!


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