A thought for a Tuesday

Good morning you lovely lot,

So this is a bit of a thought for a Tuesday. Why do we take time out of our own lives to please other people? Some people may say it's the right thing to do to look after others, but if nobody is there to look out for you and check how you feel then why bother?

Some say it's inconsiderate if you don't but mentally if you can't then why should they be outed the 'bad person' here?

I say this as I'm sat on a busy train on my commute to work and seeing all these people around me; I wonder what their stories are? What's the lad been through who's got his head engrossed in a book? The old chap watching to the world go past in the window, what has he seen during his time? The young lad with the freshest pair of trainers I've seen in a while, how did he afford those when he looks younger than me?

There's a lot of what ifs and buts in this world but for once I'm telling you all, relax and spend some time on yourself instead of worrying about the matters of others. Trust me - you'll feel better about yourself in the long run and maybe, just maybe you'll find yourself!

Here's to a wet, rainy Tuesday!

Let me know what you're all up to today in the comments below.

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