Hi everyone,

So I know around a month ago I was happily scheduling posts and getting everything sorted for Cheshire Lane to take off this year. Then - if you haven't already seen my Twitter you will know that unfortunately my two year relationship ended 4 days after we got back off of holiday. I'm not going to go into too much detail but it broke my heart and I feel awful right now. I'll be honest I've had no motivation to do anything apart from sit in bed and just cry because I just felt like it. It's hard for me to sit here as I'm writing this now as everything is just so raw - he's blocked me on everything and there's no contact between us, and you know what it sucks. I could ramble on for hours but after seeing and surrounding myself with my friends I need to attempt to pick myself up somehow.

My parents also have just got back from their holiday and I've been by myself and unfortunately also ended up in hospital and was signed off of work for a week. If you don't like needles don't look at the images below!

So it's been a bit hectic and crap but hey ho, life goes on right and the only person that can make it better is myself I guess!

Drop me a comment below with what makes you guys feel better when you're feeling low, maybe they could help me too!


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