Sunday Fun Day ! #1

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Sunday Fun Day! A new segment that is part of my new schedule for my blog posts; so it’s a lovely long chatty post for you to enjoy on your Sunday whilst drinking some tea and munching on some chocolate biscuits!

 So this week I want to talk to you about #BeautyConLondon

As some of you may know 2015 is the first year that Beauty Con has been in London as I believe it’s previously been in Los Angeles and New York but this year they brought it to London and our ever growing blogging and YouTube communities.

So on Saturday the 23rd May I made my way up to Kensington Olympia to hang out at BeautyCon; this was a big step for me as it was my first time travelling to London alone and I was pretty anxious to say the least. All was fine until I got into the exhibition centre and I started to feel quite a bit over whelmed. I’m not going to go into too much detail but after a slight panic and making a complete and utter loser of myself in front of Niomi Smart I managed to get myself together - although she was lovely and gave me a hug and made sure I was okay - such a lovely lady!

So before I met Miss Smart I had a nosey around the place and made myself aware of all the brands that were present: Maker, Tarte, Liz Earle, Red Hare, STYLondon, GoPriv, NYX, Original Additions, Red Carpet Manicure, Benefit, OGX, Crown Brush, BeautyCon Store and our music provider for the day - Capital Radio. It was laid out pretty well with 4 separate meet up areas, main stage and food and rest areas.

Firstly I watched two panels - the first one being: Behind the Camera - The Culture of Creators which featured HelloOctoberXO, Aidan Alexander, Amy Pham, Fleur De Force, Lana and Caroline Hirons. I found this panel so, so interesting where they were answering questions about how they come up with content, how much of their life they show out to their readers and viewers and how to deal with negative comments. It was a great panel to begin the day with.

The next panel was Business of Beauty - this featured Niomi Smart, Joseph Harwood, Karissa Pukas, Blogilates and Tori Sterling. This panel was mainly around how to build content online and to write and film about what you enjoy, Instagram filters - to know what works and what doesn’t, and how to deal with and say no to brands that you don’t think would benefit your blog. I found this great and I just wanna say I love Blogilates figure; it’s definitely made me want to start doing Pilates aha!

So after this was when I waited around and met Niomi Smart and just made a fool of myself - let’s not ever talk about that again! I had a nosey around the exhibition centre and bought myself a BeautyCon goodie bag - this will all be revealed on #MakeupMonday so keep your eyes peeled for Bank Holiday Monday’s post! 

I also bought a few bits from Benefit and got a freebie from Liz Earle. It was quite nice to be able to just walk around and have a nosey at brands and what they had on offer without the pressure of having to buy everything. By this time the meet ups had begun and there was around 4 every two hours which was cool as it kept the day flowing. I did head over to Tyler Oakley’s meet up where I and a few others were denied entry but he came and took selfies with everyone at the barrier afterwards which was lovely. He is a really great guy and I would’ve loved the time to have had a proper chat with him - there’s always next time!

The day went pretty quickly for me and before I knew it was rolling around to 3pm and because I had to travel quite far I knew I had to leave soon to make it home without falling asleep on the train. Louise - AKA Sprinkle of Glitter was due at BeautyCon to do a Q&A but unfortunately due to her being ill she couldn’t make it so Lily Pebbles and Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup done an impromptu Q&A with Team Gleam and it was fantastic! Lots of hilarious questions were asked - my favourite being ‘what’s their most embarrassing childhood memory?’ After their Q&A finished they were swamped with fans wanting to meet them so I took a wander and ran into Zoe from Zoe LDN. Now I’ve followed Zoe for around 3-4 years now and to finally meet her and have a chat was great - she’s such a lovely down to earth person and I can’t wait to see her around again. And, can we just talk about how insanely amazing her hair is at the moment?! I for one definitely have hair envy!!!

Before I left I knew I had to somehow see Lily and Anna; they were due to do a meet up at 4:15pm but it seemed that everyone was just queuing up to meet them by the stage so I joined myself. The girls are so down to Earth and honestly it made my day being able to meet them and have a joint photo. They’re both so genuine and happy people to be around and I’d love for one day to be able to have a proper long chat with them because I feel I would never run out of things to say! Also, thank you to the young girl who took the photo for me as my hands were full!

After that I made my journey back to the station and back to Essex. Now BeautyCon you guys did a great job and I hope to see you back here next year because I’d definitely attend again! One thing I would say as there is YouTubers there with such a young audience there are many children around - a few times I had to help young girls just get in a que as they were being pushed about. So, my only fault would be that maybe get parent wristbands next year just so the children don’t get left on their own. Other than that it’s a huge pat on the back to BeautyCon!

Sorry if I rambled here but I really wanted you guys to know my full experience of BeautyCon and what I thought about it. Let me know in the comments if you attended, or if you didn’t would you next year?

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