Self Confidence ||

Hey guys,

As I'm writing this I'm currently sat in our hotel bar with my cardigan hunched over my stomach. I don't know if it's just me but this whole holiday I've really been struggling with my weight - the muffin top above my bikini waistline, my thighs rubbing together as I walk and the burden of it all my stretch marks. 

Whilst being here on holiday I've seen many larger girls not give a damn about how they look and they're embracing the fact that they're on holiday and don't give a damn! Hats off to them! I know this is something I need to try and do myself but even being at work I get criticised for what I look like and if it fits properly or not - crazy I know but we'll talk about that another time!

I'll be honest I don't know where I'm going with this post but I felt I needed to vent and get it off of my chest. 

Girls please just know that if you're struggling with your body right now just do what makes you happy and know that you're beautiful inside and out!  

Now a little photo update !
Yeah I got in the freezing cold pool! Only once and haven't been back in since!

By the way, who's hitting up BeautyConLondon this weekend?? Let me know in the comments!!

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