Barry M, Gellish Hi-Shine

Barry M has released a fantastic new line called Gellish Hi-shine. After hearing about the new polish I headed down to Superdrug and bought one for myself to try out.
I bought colour 304, Papaya. I haven’t always been found of these peachy like colours, but none the less I bought it to try out anyway!
The application is very smooth and easy to apply; this is due to the very thin brush that is supplied with the polish. I am beginning to become a rather big fan of nail varnish’ and I can say this is one brand that I will definitely be buying again.
As you can see in the picture I have not applied a top coat to this colour, but with a top coat it would leave you with a very glossy shine which would work well with the colour.
Barry M retails this product at £3.99 a bottle and it is available at Boots and Superdrug. I will definitely be looking into buying more of these when I have the chance!
This product by Barry M is available in 13 different colours and they are well worth buying for summer!
So, will this be on your shopping list next time you go to Boots and Superdrug?
Ches xo
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