Maybelline New York, FIT ME!

So, after finally rummaging through my lovely pile of post that my mother had forgotten to tell me about I came across this free sample.
This sample is from Maybelline New York’s FIT Me! range. It is a small 10ml bottle and is the colour Natural Beige, 220. 
For my skin colour I would usually use a ‘vanilla’ colour as I have quite pale skin. Although after trying this product, it is one that I will definitely now be using.
Natural Beige is one of the most commonly used foundation colours and I can definitely see why. It sits on the skin perfectly after application and does for the whole day, unlike other brands which can unfortunately make your skin look oily. Maybelline have most definitely taken thought when creating this product.
It gave my skin a natural glow and I was also complimented many times on ‘how well my skin looks’. It does not give you ‘tide lines’ as some people would say and all in all it is a very good product.
Maybelline retail this product at £7.99 which is a very reasonable price for the brand name and product itself. It is available from your local stores such as Boots and Superdrug.
What foundation do you all use and is it worth the price that they retail it at?
Leaves your thoughts below
Ches xo
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