Everyone needs a notebook!

 Hey everyone!

I hope you are all well and okay, considering it is summer so I hope wherever you are in this world you’re tanning it up somewhere beautiful; unlike England that is so bi-polar with it’s weather it’s ridiculous.

Anyway, today’s post is all about a cute little brand called Sighh Designs. I first found Polly’s shop on Instagram when she had made a limited edition phone case for Gabriella from Velvet Gh0st and since then I’ve made a few cheeky purchases as her products are to die for!

I’m a massive notebook hoarder so I thought it was only right to get myself some of these notebooks as they sum me up perfectly; and as bloggers I mean I think we all need the ‘Okay let’s blog some shit’ notebook! The notebooks are of A5 size and have lined paper inside - perfect handbag size as well. The notebooks are of such great quality and I’d recommend these to anyone who loves stationary.

In the middle of the photo is a sticker sheet and I think these are absolutely fabulous - 14 hand designed stickers for you to plaster wherever you like or even in your notebooks! I think Polly made these when it was exam time in England so these were cute little pick me up’s and quotes to give motivation and for others to do their revision! Again, these are of great quality and I feel that I need over 10 sheets because they sum up my life perfectly!

Sighh Designs stock incredibly hand designed products and you can find out more of what Polly has to sell here which includes Macbook skins, Iphone Cases and much much more!

Sorry this was such a short post today but regular posts are going to happen soon, I promise!


*These products were not gifted nor affiliated to me in any way. I bought these products with myself and these are my own opinions. 

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