Motivational Monday | #1

I've been contemplating starting this little sector called 'Motivational Monday' on Cheshire Lane for a while and today whilst having a really productive day at college I thought to myself I can only try!

So, welcome to the first Motivational Monday! Today I came to the realisation that everything is not as bad as it seems and no matter how hard things get, it does get better! And I thought of this because of listening to one song by the ginger God himself, Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran is the singer for the official song for The Fault In Our Stars movie that is coming out soon and being a big fan of his I was very excited when a little video popped up in my subscription box and it was the official song for the film 'All Of The Stars'. I just love it! I'm a big music fanatic myself and I think an artist like Ed Sheeran getting this big opportunity for a film that's going to be huge is amazing!

My god, I do love to ramble but yes, that song just made me think, 'Jode you're going to get nowhere sat on your arse all day moaning that nothings going right', so today I decided to change that.

There are many things that I wanted/still want to accomplish this year and the main one was getting fit; so after having a little inspirational search through Instagram I decided that that's it. So today I went to The Range and picked up some very cute Mason Jars. Sounds a bit stupid but I'm one for drinking a lot of water during the day and I thought I wanted to mix it up a bit by infusing it with lemons and if I want to motivate myself I want to make sure I'm enjoying doing it. So a little splurge on some cute Mason Jars were done and I've been drinking lemon and water all afternoon, it's not much, but it's a start! I'm also off on my first run of the year in a minute, so wish me luck haha!

I'm sorry I've rambled on a bit here guys but there was a lot I needed to get off of my chest in such a short time to write this post.
If any of you have anything you'd like to see be featured on Motivational Monday posts then please do leave me a comment! Now, go listen to Ed Sheeran's new song here and have a lovely evening!

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