Mixed minds

Hey everyone,

Well last night for me was just a mess. Turns out that if the people you care about fuck you over so much you're gonna break down and tell them exactly what you've been hiding, and that's exactly what I've done.

Last night I broke out and told all the people around me everything that's been going on; and the main problem that I am no longer able to carry a child. At 19 to be told that news it hits you pretty hard, especially when people younger than me are now having kids and all I can do is envy that.

I've realised that I'm tired of everything now, I had a shower this morning and clumps of my hair just fell out because of stress, it's scaring me. With my parents not giving and damn and me pretty much on my own throughout all of this right now, it sucks. It really fucking sucks.

I miss the passion and ambition I had for this blog because now everyday all I do is moan and give you all a little update on my life, which some of you may find interesting - others not so much. Everything is just a bit raw and I'm just a fragment of sand stuck in a massive beach just being walked over.

What on earth has my life become


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