Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Eleanor Calder Style - Bubbleology

As we all know Eleanor Calder, girlfriend of the One Direction star Louis Tomlinson, is a very beautiful young woman and her fashion and style are inspiring young teenage girls all over the world! So here I have a picture of Eleanor that she posted on Instagram earlier this year with a friend at Bubbleology in Notting Hill, London. Eleanor here looked as beautiful as always and it is a very simple outfit that you, yourselves could get your hands on!
Her jeans are identical to Moto Black Skinny Leigh Jeans from Topshop at the cost of £38.00
Her jumper is a Knitted Fluffy Stitch Jumper from Topshop at the cost of £42.00
Her shoes are Aftershock Cutout Lace-up Boots at the cost of $170.00, but they are from the USA’s Topshop and unfortunately are not available in the UK. But there is a pair in the UK’s Topshop that are of a similar style, just with a few buckles instead of laces. These boots are called Aubrey Open Side Chunky Boots and they cost £75.00
I find Eleanor’s style and fashion very unique and I have myself purchased some of the lookalike clothing! If you would like me to find out where any of Eleanor’s clothing is from don’t be afraid to ask!
Do you like Eleanor’s style?
Ches xo

Maybelline New York, FIT ME!

So, after finally rummaging through my lovely pile of post that my mother had forgotten to tell me about I came across this free sample.
This sample is from Maybelline New York’s FIT Me! range. It is a small 10ml bottle and is the colour Natural Beige, 220. 
For my skin colour I would usually use a ‘vanilla’ colour as I have quite pale skin. Although after trying this product, it is one that I will definitely now be using.
Natural Beige is one of the most commonly used foundation colours and I can definitely see why. It sits on the skin perfectly after application and does for the whole day, unlike other brands which can unfortunately make your skin look oily. Maybelline have most definitely taken thought when creating this product.
It gave my skin a natural glow and I was also complimented many times on ‘how well my skin looks’. It does not give you ‘tide lines’ as some people would say and all in all it is a very good product.
Maybelline retail this product at £7.99 which is a very reasonable price for the brand name and product itself. It is available from your local stores such as Boots and Superdrug.
What foundation do you all use and is it worth the price that they retail it at?
Leaves your thoughts below
Ches xo

Barry M, Gellish Hi-Shine

Barry M has released a fantastic new line called Gellish Hi-shine. After hearing about the new polish I headed down to Superdrug and bought one for myself to try out.
I bought colour 304, Papaya. I haven’t always been found of these peachy like colours, but none the less I bought it to try out anyway!
The application is very smooth and easy to apply; this is due to the very thin brush that is supplied with the polish. I am beginning to become a rather big fan of nail varnish’ and I can say this is one brand that I will definitely be buying again.
As you can see in the picture I have not applied a top coat to this colour, but with a top coat it would leave you with a very glossy shine which would work well with the colour.
Barry M retails this product at £3.99 a bottle and it is available at Boots and Superdrug. I will definitely be looking into buying more of these when I have the chance!
This product by Barry M is available in 13 different colours and they are well worth buying for summer!
So, will this be on your shopping list next time you go to Boots and Superdrug?
Ches xo

Nails Inc, Piccadilly Circus.

So the other day I was round my friend’s house helping her clear out all her makeup and she gave me a few bits that she didn’t use anymore and this was one of them.
Nails Inc London is a company which produce some lovely polishes. This particular one is called ‘Piccadilly Circus’ and is a lovely rich red/purple.
This polish retails at £11, even though that is expensive for a polish it is most definitely worth the buy. I haven’t been able to find this in any of my local high street shops, so it may be available in Westfield’s in London etc, but other than that you can purchase from Nails Inc on their website.
It applies without any hassle and the brush is really good as well, I had no problems when applying this to my own nails and my nail display sticks although I did apply a clear base coat beforehand. The polish does not leave streaks on your nails and I think is a great product. In the picture I have only applied one coat and I don’t particularly think that another coat will be needed.
A rich colour like ‘Piccadilly Circus’ is one that I think would go well with anything black such as a blouse or an evening dress and heels.
This is a company that I definitely will be purchasing from again when my bank balance isn’t so small!
So, what nail varnish’s do you use? Will you be purchasing from Nails Inc any time soon?
Ches xo

Barry M, Berry.

I really love Barry M at the moment, so whilst in Superdrug the other day buying a few other things I couldn’t resist but treat myself to a new polish.

I ended up buying nail paint by Barry M in the colour Berry, 308; I really love pastel colours right now so I went for a pastel purple, a colour I have never used before.
The brush itself is lovely and easy to use which is always a plus, and as you can see from the image the polish comes out the exact same on your nails as it looks in the bottle. In the past I have had problems with some brands of polishes with them coming out a different colour on my nails to what they look like in the bottle and obviously I was quite disappointed, but I am 100% happy with this Barry M product!
Pastel colours are one that I will definitely be buying again from Barry M, and as this was only £2.99 so definitely a bargain for a good quality product!
What do you all think of Barry M?
Ches xo