Monday, 18 April 2016

Four Legged Friends #2

Hi everyone,

So last week you would have seen I mentioned that I’m getting two puppies – you can read all about that here. Due to unforeseen circumstances we’re now only getting one; I’m pretty gutted but grateful that we’re still getting one dog!

Me and my mum spent an evening coming up with a name for her and we’ve decided on Mya - pronounced Maya but my mum wanted it spelt differently.

Mya will be coming home in a few weeks and until then we will receive weekly updates that I want to share with you all as well! Puppy segments are also going to be a weekly feature so keep your eyes peeled for Monday posts!

So, here’s the update we received:

Hello just an update on your puppy she's doing fine and now on dry food; she's weaned off of her mother now and is doing very well, she’s also drinking milk from a bowl. She was dewormed again this week she is now 4 weeks and 3 days.

Now the best bit – look at that little face and those little white toes!!!

I love the fact this breeder is giving us updates and asking any questions we may have in relation to our new addition, I cannot wait to have her home!

The puppy buying has also started; puppy pads, toys, bowls, blankets, collars, harness’ – you name it, it’s on the list to be bought. I’m also considering a puppy haul post/video if any of you would be interested?

Let me know below!

All the love

C xo

Monday, 11 April 2016

Four Legged Friends

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some really exciting news and I just can’t wait to tell you all – but first a little background story.

In August of 2015 sadly I lost my 4 legged friend whom was 14 years old; she had a fabulous life but unfortunately was too ill to carry on. It broke my heart, my families heart and my friends. She was a lovely dog and I will never forget her, she was my best friend.

After much consideration we realised a house without a dog just isn’t a home. We will never ever forget Evie but we thought that she would have wanted to look down on us from doggy heaven and see us happy (may sound cheesy but she was the worlds greatest).

So after much looking around and contemplating what breed we want, we opted for another Staffie puppy but this time not one, but two! I’m over the moon excited and cannot wait to bring these gorgeous girls home! – I’m aware there’s a lot of stick around Staffie puppies etc. I was brought up around a Staffie and I will always feel they are the kindest natured breed – it’s not the dog, it’s the way the owner brings it up!

They’re currently nameless so please do leave comments below with what you think they should be called. Apologies, they’re not the greatest photos but they were on my phone and I was waaaaaaaaaay too excited to see these little girls!

Do you guys have dogs? What are there breeds and names? Let me know in the comments below!

All the love

C xo